6 Reasons to Hire a Small Personal Injury Law Firm


Bigger does not necessarily mean better, especially when it comes to choosing a personal injury law firm. “But wouldn’t a big law firm provide better results in my case?” you may be thinking. Not necessarily.

If you are trying to decide between a large, corporate firm and a smaller firm, there are at least six reasons to hire a small law firm that will give you more personalized attention at an affordable price.

1. Personal Attention

If you choose to hire a small law firm, you are working with an attorney who can provide one-on-one attention while handling your personal injury case. When working with larger law firms, it may feel as if your case was buried under a pile of hundreds of other cases.

A small law firm will give you the personalized attention you need and walk you through every step of the process. When working with a smaller law firm, you know that you can call your attorney any moment and can be certain that your case won’t be handed off to another lawyer or paralegal.

2. Above Average Communication

Good communication is key to success in any personal injury case, especially when dealing with car accidents. When working with larger law firms, a client can wait days to hear back from their attorney, and it is not uncommon for attorneys to never return their clients’ calls.

Since small law firms handle fewer cases simultaneously, their clients can feel that their case is always important because they get to maintain open communication with their attorneys. Unlike when working with large law firms, which tend to bounce their clients from one support staff to another, clients of small law firms often get a direct line of communication with their lawyer (that could even mean having your attorney’s direct phone number and email address).

3. Better Access to Your Attorney

If you choose a smaller law firm, access to your attorney is much more straightforward compared to working with larger law firms. Large firms often require some form of ID before allowing clients to access their offices, and you have to schedule appointments to get there.

When working with a small law firm, you get to avoid the hustle and bustle of larger offices. Smaller law firms tend to have a more relaxed office setting and provide better access to their attorneys. As mentioned earlier, clients of small law firms typically have a direct line of communication with their attorneys. Often, clients get to work directly with the owners of the small firm.

4. More Established Local Relationships in The Community

As most large law firms are willing to accept as many cases as they can, smaller firms are focused on quality over quantity. Small law firms cultivate a positive reputation in their community because local relationships tend to be at the center of any successful small firm.

Yes, large law firms may be more recognized due to their vast marketing budgets, but they tend to lack a sense of community.

5. Typically More Affordable

Anyone considering hiring a personal injury law firm is concerned about legal costs, especially if they sustained a catastrophic injury. Understandably, your budget may be impacted by the unanticipated medical expenses and your loss of income due to the injury.

Fact: According to the National Safety Council, the average economic cost of motor vehicle injuries is $27,800.

Fortunately, with a smaller law firm, you can get high-quality legal representation at an affordable price. It is advised to discuss your attorney’s fees prior to hiring a law firm. While some firms work on a contingency basis, others charge an hourly rate or fixed fee.


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6. Will Often Take Cases Large Firms Won’t

Smaller law firms are more willing to accept cases that large firms refuse to take on. For instance, a smaller law firm is more likely to accept a personal injury case with a relatively lower payout.  A lot of larger firms tend to provide more focus on higher-profile cases.

Fact: According to Lawyers.com, settlements, and verdicts in personal injury cases typically range from $3,000 to $75,000.

Smaller law firms are fighting hard for each specific case. Large firms, on the other hand, are trying to handle dozens or hundreds of cases simultaneously and are often forced to use the one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, the inability to give a case personalized attention and gain a deeper knowledge of the client’s circumstances can yield unsatisfactory results.

The Graham Firm prides itself on being a small law firm with an unwavering commitment to serving our community. With the offices in Marietta and Griffin, our attorneys are providing “small-town” personal service while getting “big-city” results for our clients. Our personal injury law firm is known in the community for providing sophisticated legal representation and personalized attention to each case. Contact us for a free case review. Call at (404) 526-9955 to receive a complimentary consultation.