7 Simple Holiday Safety Driving Tips To Stay Safe On The Road

winter driving safety tips
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'Tis the season for holiday cheer and celebration with family and friends, but distracted driving during the holidays presents a number of safety hazards that can lead to devastating consequences.

There are many factors that contribute to this, including road conditions, weather conditions, and distracted car and truck drivers. It is important to have a plan for how you will get where you need to go safely so that you don't become part of the statistics.

Here are seven simple holiday safety driving tips that will keep you safe on the roads this holiday season:

1. Inspect Your Vehicle Before You Hit The Open Road

If you know your vehicle well, you can quickly spot anything that may compromise your safe driving during the holiday season. Make sure that all of your lights are working and all fluid levels are normal.

You should also do some other simple things like checking your tires and tire pressure. You want to also check your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and tag lights.

If you're not comfortable checking some of these things yourself, take it to a certified mechanic for an inspection before heading out on any road trips this holiday season.

Be sure to get keep a copy of the car accident checklist handy!

safe driving tips for holiday season

2. Get Proper Rest

It is so easy to get carried away with holiday shopping, parties, holiday travel, and holiday cheer. What often gets lost in the shuffle is the importance of getting the proper amount of rest.

Even driving for just a few hours can be exhausting if you're tired. Not only is this dangerous for yourself, but it can be dangerous for all of the other holiday drivers on the road around you. Make sure that you are properly rested before driving long distances or if you are driving at night.

3. Don't Drive While Distracted

The season often brings added distractions to holiday driving with heavy traffic, car accidents because of slippery roads, winter weather conditions like rain, snow, or icy roads making roadways more dangerous than normal, and holiday travelers that may not know the area well causing an increased number of holiday accidents.

It is so easy to get distracted that can you forget about the task at hand - driving safely on the road. Now, everyone knows you shouldn't text and drive. It's illegal in most states. But, holiday distractions also include things like eating while driving or even looking at a GPS while driving.

Make sure that you are driving safely and responsibly by not driving while distracted this holiday season to keep yourself, your passengers, other drivers on the road around you, and even pedestrians safe.

don't drive while distracted

4. Drive The Speed Limit

This may seem like common sense, but driving over the speed limit causes many accidents. You may think that driving a few miles per hour over will make no difference, but driving 10 mph above the speed limit doubles your risk for a crash as compared to driving at or below the speed limit.

Even if you are driving on a major interstate or highway, driving at or slightly below the speed limit can help you avoid many dangerous situations that may arise this holiday season.

Another major factor is that law enforcement will be on high alert throughout the holiday season. They have to meet their quotas, right? So, stay below the speed limit.

5. Practice Defensive Driving This Holiday Season

Defensive driving is not just for people that are new to driving or those that need more experience driving on the road. It is necessary for everyone who drives - especially during the holiday season when your fellow drivers and pedestrians may not be driving as safely.

Avoid driving on slippery roads, driving during snowfall or heavy rain, driving near other drivers who may not be driving safely, etc. You don't want to risk it by driving erratically or irresponsibly.

Take your time driving, especially during peak holiday driving times when there are likely to be more accidents on the road.

Check your blind spots before changing lanes, look for other drivers driving erratically or driving irresponsibly on the road, avoid driving near pedestrians and others that may dart out in front of traffic without warning, and etc. Stay alert and always check your surroundings. These are all good defensive driving techniques to implement this holiday season.

winter driving safety tips

6. Travel Early In The Day Or During Daylight Hours

If you must travel, then do so early in the morning or during daylight hours. Why? The more you can see, the more you can prepare yourself to keep yourself safe.

Again, law enforcement and other law enforcement agencies will be aware and on the lookout for those who violate the "DUI" laws this holiday season.

As we mentioned above about winter driving safety tips if you have to drive during winter weather conditions, be even more aware of winter driving hazards. If you can, consider travel plans to avoid winter weather conditions or bad weather altogether.

Don't travel during peak holiday times either when there are more people on the roads. Just like in school when it got close to winter break heading into winter for Christmas for most of us growing up, things started getting crazy around the school days before break.

Have a good plan and stick to it. If you know that there will be bad weather, don't schedule your travel for those times or make alternative arrangements if possible.

7. Fuel Up During The Day

You didn't think we would fail to mention this one, did you? One driver recently died in a car accident when they ran out of fuel and left their pickup truck to get gas.

Keep yourself and others safe by making sure that you have enough fuel in your vehicle. If you know that you will be traveling long distances, make sure to fuel up during the day so that you don't find yourself running low on gas late at night.

Too many people get into accidents or get into bad situations when their vehicle runs out of fuel. It is not only dangerous for you, but it is also dangerous for others on the road.

Avoid a possible accident by making sure your vehicle has enough fuel before you take off for wherever it may be that you are going for this holiday season.

holiday safe driving

These Simple Holiday Driving Safety Tips Will Help You Stay Safe On The Roads This Winter

Whether you are traveling for the holidays or just running errands, it is important to think about driver safety.   The tips we have provided will help keep you safe on the road this season while also reducing your risk of being involved in a car or truck accident.

This holiday season be sure to put these 7 simple driving safety tips into practice so that everyone can get home safely!

If you are injured in a car accident, make sure to contact an experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney who can help you explore your legal options.