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How To Choose The Right Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Augusta, GA

If you have been injured in a vehicle-pedestrian collision, it's in your best interests to have an Augusta GA pedestrian accident lawyer representing you. Navigating the Georgia court system can be extremely complex, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can take on the burden of challenging insurance companies and fight for justice in your case.

You want to select an attorney with a proven track record of success when it comes to pedestrian accident cases. At The Graham Firm, we have fought for and recovered more than $75 million for our injured clients over the past 20+ years. Many of those clients were pedestrians who were injured due to the negligence of motorists. We've also recovered millions of dollars for family members who have lost loved ones in wrongful death cases.

augusta ga pedestrian accident lawyer

Hiring a local attorney has some important advantages. You may have questions or needs that arise as your case progresses and a local Augusta personal injury lawyer will often be quick to respond. A local attorney also knows the ins and outs of the Augusta, Georgia court system.

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What to Do Immediately After a Pedestrian Accident in Augusta

Vehicle-pedestrian accidents almost always result in injuries to the pedestrian. The first thing you want to do after any motor vehicle accident, if you are able, is call 911 and request medical assistance. That might be the only thing you can do immediately after an accident. When police respond to the scene, they will file a report that can be used as evidence in your case. Keep close track of any medical bills or out-of-pocket expenses you have. As soon as you can, you should contact a an Augusta pedestrian accident lawyer to represent you.


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Even if you feel like your injuries are not severe, you should seek medical attention! Don't try to "tough it out."

Your law firm will gather various types of evidence to build your case. This includes the police report, accident scene photos, expert witness testimony, and your medical records. Many pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots, or on local crosswalks where surveillance cameras are present. Your attorney's investigative team will help track down video of the accident if it exists.

What NOT To Do In The Wake of A Pedestrian or Car Accident:

There are several things we recommend you NOT do in the wake of an accident:

  • Don't post about the accident on social media. This could undermine your case.
  • Don't apologize to anyone at the scene. This could imply that the accident was somehow your fault.
  • Don't accept the first settlement offer from an insurance company. They won't offer you what your damages are truly worth.
  • Don't give a recorded statement to anyone. You're under no obligation to give a statement without legal representation present.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia?

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Georgia has the fourth-highest number of fatal pedestrian accidents in the entire country, trailing only California, Texas, and Florida. Georgia Department of Transportation statistics show that 342 pedestrians were killed by vehicles in 2022 and that fatal pedestrian accidents have increased by more than 57 percent since 2019. Motorists failing to yield to pedestrians account for 21 percent of all fatalities. Note that bicycles are considered vehicles under Georgia law, so these statistics don't include those types of collisions.


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The statistics also show that 84 percent of these accidents happen at nighttime when visibility is lower, and 95 percent of them happen outside of crosswalks. Pedestrians can also be hit by a careless motorist in a parking lot or parking garage.

Just because a person is jaywalking does not mean they are at fault if they're hit by a vehicle. Motorists always have some duty of care to watch out for pedestrians. We represented the families of two young men who were crossing a highway when they were struck and killed by a police officer traveling more than 100 mph during an unauthorized high-speed chase. The Graham Firm was able to secure a $1 million settlement for the families after we filed a lawsuit on their behalf.

An Augusta pedestrian accident lawyer will review your case for free to determine how much compensation you could be entitled to. Call (678) 603-1119 to schedule your complimentary case review today.

What Types of Damages Can I Claim After a Pedestrian Accident?

Under Georgia law, you can file a civil lawsuit against a negligent driver to recover both economic damages and non-economic damages. You have up to two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. This is known as the statute of limitations. If you wait longer than two years to file a claim, you forfeit the right to pursue damages for your injuries.

Figuring out the maximum compensation you can recover in economic and non-economic damages is a complicated process. This is why it's so important to work with a highly specialized pedestrian injury law firm that has experience in these types of cases.

Economic Damages:

This can include any out-of-pocket expenses you incur because of the accident. This includes things like medical expenses, future expenses for ongoing treatment or physical therapy, lost income, and future lost earning potential because of your injuries.




Non-Economic Damages:

These are sometimes more difficult to calculate. How would you put a dollar amount on the loss of consortium with a spouse because of a fatal accident, for example? Pain and suffering, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other emotional damage can all result from a pedestrian, car, or truck accident in Augusta. Disability, scarring, and disfigurement are also possible avenues to recover more compensation. Your attorney will pursue every avenue to recover the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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Why Choose Our Augusta GA Pedestrian Accident Lawyer For Your Case

We have been representing injured Georgia residents for more than 20 years now. Our clients are always impressed with how we go above and beyond when pursuing justice for them. We leave no stone unturned, as proven by our successful track record of recovering more than $75 million on their behalf.

Even a minor vehicle-pedestrian accident can result in major medical bills. We represented a convenience store owner who was struck by a pizza delivery driver. He suffered a knee injury and soft tissue injuries because of the crash. Even though his injuries did not require surgery, we successfully negotiated a $70,000 settlement to cover his medical bills.

At The Graham Firm, we have a no upfront cost policy when it comes to representing injured clients. We only collect our fee at the end of the process, after we obtain a successful resolution for you.  If you need the services of an Augusta GA pedestrian accident lawyer, call us at (678) 603-1119 for a free case review today!

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