Pain and Suffering Damages: Top 9 Factors That Affect Your Injury Settlement

what is pain and suffering

Following an accident in Georgia, a personal injury claim can compensate victims for their losses and suffering- both measurable and unmeasurable. Along with medical bills, future care expenses, and lost wages (measurable, economic damages), accident victims can obtain an additional type of damage: pain and suffering (non economic damages). Pain and suffering damages are standard…

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5 Most Common Slip and Fall Accidents (You’ll Want to Avoid These)

slip and fall accidents

At The Graham Firm, we have seen firsthand the devastating, far-reaching effects of slip and fall accidents. A fall can change your life dramatically in a split second, especially if you suffered a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.  Accident victims often believe that a fall is their fault,…

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How To Prepare To Meet With A Personal Injury Lawyer: 7 Things To Know


If you’ve been hurt in an accident in Georgia that was not your fault, you can seek financial compensation from the responsible party. While it is entirely possible to settle a car accident or slip and fall claim without an attorney, you may be able to recover far more compensation with an experienced personal injury…

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How To File Truck Crash Claim! 5 Facts Every Driver Should Know!

semi truck accident statistics

Truck crash cases can be difficult – and many very successful personal injury attorneys do not want to take on difficult cases due to the complexity and risk involved. At The Graham Firm, we are not afraid to take on large truck accident cases, whether the defendant is a local operator or one of the…

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Rear End Collisions: 7 Things To Do If You Get Hit From Behind

rear end collisions

Have you been injured in a rear-end collision? The impact of a vehicle striking your automobile from behind can cause a common neck injury called whiplash. Even mild cases of whiplash can be extremely painful. In more serious collisions, victims may suffer concussions, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or other soft-tissue injuries. The impact…

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7 Types Of Personal Injury Cases and What You Need To Know


What types of personal injury cases are most common? According to a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report, in 2018, there was an estimated 130 million emergency department (ED) visits in the U.S. An overwhelming majority of these visits are due to accidents causing unintentional injuries – often the result of negligent or reckless actions…

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7 Simple Holiday Safety Driving Tips To Stay Safe On The Road

winter driving safety tips

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and celebration with family and friends, but distracted driving during the holidays presents a number of safety hazards that can lead to devastating consequences. There are many factors that contribute to this, including road conditions, weather conditions, and distracted car and truck drivers. It…

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10 Symptoms of Whiplash From Rear-End Collisions

symptoms of whiplash from rear-end collisions

Symptoms of whiplash from rear-end collisions – even minor collisions – can be serious or even debilitating. Statistically, one of the most common types of injuries reported following a rear-end collision is whiplash. This neck injury is often accompanied by mild to severe neck pain, which may appear immediately or not for several days. Whiplash…

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What Happens When Car Accident Claim Exceeds Insurance Limits

what happens when car accident claim exceeds insurance limits

What happens when a car accident claim exceeds insurance limits? Liability insurance policy limits are something many people do not understand when they are purchasing insurance for themselves and filing a claim after an accident. When you are purchasing your policy, it may be tempting to save money and only buy what is required by…

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Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decision Favors Plaintiffs

employer liability in accident cases

In November 2020, the Georgia Supreme Court reversed a long-standing precedent regarding employer liability in accident cases. Under prior law, if an employer admitted liability for the negligence of its employee, a plaintiff was barred from pursuing a cause of action against an employer for negligent hiring, retention, training, and supervision. In other words, if…

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