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Trucking accidents can be devastating to accident victims. A large truck is so heavy that it is likely to cause serious injuries or even death if it hits a smaller passenger vehicle. If you or a loved one has suffered significant injuries or even a fatality in a trucking accident, know that you are not alone. Our Cobb County truck accident lawyer wants to help you hold those responsible accountable and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Truck accident cases can be complex. There can be multiple responsible parties, including the driver and/or the trucking company. Numerous laws cover trucking regulations in Georgia. You need an injury lawyer on your side who knows the law, can investigate the accident properly, and has experience winning truck accident cases. That’s where we come in.

east cobb truck accident lawyer

Our highly experienced personal injury attorney will leave no stone unturned when investigating your case. We work hard and we focus on getting the most for our clients injured in car accidents and trucking accidents. We also have extensive experience with wrongful death cases.

Let us do the same for you. Get in touch with an East Cobb and Marietta truck accident lawyer now by calling our law firm at (404) 526-9955. We are standing by to help you with your truck accident case. Schedule a free consultation or case review with a personal injury attorney in Georgia today!


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How To Find The Best East Cobb Truck Accident Lawyer

There are a few criteria we recommend when choosing a truck accident attorney for your claim. All of these criteria are important, but probably the most important is choosing a lawyer who has specific experience pursuing truck accident cases. Although all motor vehicle accident cases share similarities, trucking accidents are unique in several ways.

Importance of Specialized Experience

Regulators expect a higher standard from professional transportation companies than they do from the average driver of a personal vehicle involved in standard car accidents. A truck driver must have special licenses, go through specific training, and adhere to certain laws when doing their job. Trucking companies are also under specific obligations concerning how they maintain their vehicles, choose each truck driver, and more. All of these factors can come into play during a truck accident lawsuit.

You want a truck accident attorney who has extensive experience navigating all the various factors that go into trucking cases. And if you are considering a wrongful death case that resulted from a collison with a commercial truck, experience is even more important.

east cobb truck accident attorney

Local Expertise Matters

It’s also a good idea to look for a car accident lawyer who has experience with truck accident cases in East Cobb. Every municipality has its own local regulations and processes. It’s best to work with someone who has done this before in your area.

Verifying Lawyer Credentials

Fortunately, you have plenty of ways you can check out a potential Atlanta truck accident lawyer. You can ask about case track records, including verdicts and settlement amounts. You can also check online reviews and even ask if any former clients would be willing to give a recommendation.


best truck accident lawyer in georgia


The Big Truck Lawyers: A Trusted Choice

The Graham Firm fits all of these criteria and more. Our outstanding reputation is based on a long list of favorable verdicts and over $75 million secured for our clients, including multiple wrongful death cases. We are the go-to firm when you need an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Whether you have been impacted by a car accident, truck, motorcycle accident, or wrongful death case—whatever the situation, we have you covered.

You can easily schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers to discuss your situation and determine if we are the right team for you. Just fill out our online contact form and a Marietta truck accident lawyer will get back to you shortly.




C.R. – A young lady was broken down on the interstate when a distracted truck driver drifted off the interstate rear-ending our client. The client was ejected from her vehicle and suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and other injuries. After several years of litigation in federal court, the trucking company settled the lawsuit prior to trial.

​ $4,500,000.00

N. T. – Mother of three was killed in Griffin when her vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer owned and operated by a Pennsylvania transportation company. Following a lawsuit filed on behalf of her estate, a settlement was reached just before trial. 


Y.S.B. – Retired wife fatally injured in a traffic accident caused by a negligent driver in a work truck. Settled for all available policy limits prior to litigation.


What to Expect in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Initial Steps in Handling Your Case

When we take on your truck accident case, we go through a proven process to ensure optimal results. We begin by gathering evidence, which includes interviews with you, with any other witnesses, and reviewing police reports and accident claims. Our law office will also investigate the scene of the accident, conduct accident reconstruction, and more. Our goal is to build the strongest possible case, which is why we are so careful and so thorough in our investigation. It takes a little time, but it’s the foundation of your case.

Negotiation Process

Once we have a clear picture of what happened and as much evidence to prove negligence on the part of the responsible party, we will attempt to negotiate to get a fair settlement. We seek settlement first because it’s usually what’s best for our clients. Going through a full hearing to argue a case is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. We are not afraid to go to court when we have to, but we want what’s best for you. If we can get the other party—typically the insurance company—to treat you with respect and pay appropriately, we will.

post accident steps

Litigation and Courtroom Strategy

If insurance companies won’t agree to a proper settlement amount, our Marietta truck accident lawyer will take them to court and argue on your behalf. Our firm has extensive courtroom experience, so you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to get a favorable verdict.

Time Frame for a Truck Accident Case

The amount of time a trucking accident or auto accident case takes can vary significantly depending on the circumstances. For instance, if the insurance company immediately agrees to the settlement a case could be resolved in six months or so. In contrast, if a case goes to court and there are multiple parties responsible for the accident, such as a truck driver and a trucking company, a case could take several years to complete.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, don't wait to get the help you need. Contact us today at (404) 526-9955 for a free case review, and let our experienced team guide you toward the compensation you are entitled to.


Speak with a seasoned personal injury attorney to discuss your case today.  We have 2 personal injury law offices: Marietta, GA, and Griffin, GA and we represent clients all over the state of Georgia. Click the button below to schedule a free case review.

Why Cobb County Trusts "The Big Truck Lawyers" at The Graham Firm

The Graham Firm is a trusted name in Cobb County and East Cobb for truck accident and auto accident cases. Our East Cobb truck accident lawyer and our entire legal team help everyday people like you get the money you need to pay medical bills and take care of your family. Clients trust us because we fight hard against the big trucking companies and we know how to win.

Pamela R. had this to say about us on Google Reviews:

“The Graham Firm surpassed all expectations in handling my car accident case. Their expertise and dedication secured a favorable settlement. Highly recommended for exceptional legal representation. Not only did Attorney Graham excel in my car accident case but also ensured I received the right medical care for my injuries. I have full confidence in them for future needs.”

We are committed to helping you stand up against those responsible for your injuries. Please call us about your auto accident now at (404) 526-9955 to schedule a free consultation with a Marietta truck accident lawyer!

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