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Motorcycle Accident? The Right Fort Valley Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Win Big!

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, it can be a frightening and painful experience, but assistance navigating this challenging situation can be provided by an experienced Fort Valley motorcycle accident lawyer.
A personal injury law firm with extensive experience working with clients involved in a motorcycle wreck can be invaluable in helping you receive the maximum compensation for any financial or medical damages you may have experienced because of this mishap.

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Any motor vehicle accident can be damaging, but a motorcycle crash can be especially devastating for the accident victim.
Depending on the circumstances, an accident can cause partial or total damage to the motorcycle and any other vehicles or property that has been involved. Even worse, motorcyclists and passengers may sustain a variety of severe injuries that may require months or even years of recovery.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck in Fort Valley or Peach County, Georgia, and are not sure how to deal with the mounting medical bills and other expenses, a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Valley, GA can be your lifeline to getting all of the damages you are owed. Contact our personal injury law firm for immediate help after a crash at (678) 603-1119.  Our lawyers are standing by and ready to help.

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From Fender Benders to Life-Altering Crashes, The Graham Firm Upholds Justice for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

The Graham Firm has an extensive history of helping people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents such as a car accident,  a truck accident, pedestrian accidents, and other similar situations.

Our Fort Valley personal injury lawyer has valuable experience working with law enforcement, insurance companies, and other attorneys, who all can play a key role in resolving your injury claim.


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Our auto accident injury law firm has also recovered more than $75 million for our clients, and we’re always ready to do whatever it takes to help with what is often an unpleasant experience, especially for someone who has never had this type of accident or had the need to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Don't let a motorcycle accident derail your life's journey. Reach out now for a free, confidential consultation with our compassionate legal experts at (678) 603-1119.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident In Georgia?

The aftermath of an auto accident can be an extremely scary situation. There could be blood or other visible motorcycle accident injuries. There could also be traffic disruptions especially if it happens on a busy roadway. There could be people who want to help and people just watching. It's important to stay calm and think clearly about what to do next. Here are some steps that you should consider taking after a motorcycle accident in Fort Valley, Georgia:

Contact Authorities

Like in any medical situation, there also could be confusion and fear about what’s happening. Even if you generally know what to do after a motor vehicle accident it’s easy to forget all of this in the moment. Most experts say the first thing to do is to contact the proper authorities. This usually starts with police and medical personnel who can assist with any injuries. This is especially important for protecting your rights in future legal matters.

Seek Medical Treatment

In some cases, people may think they feel fine right after the accident, especially with adrenalin going through their system. So they decline treatment. But in the next few days, once their body is no longer on full alert, they may begin to feel all sorts of pain and other problems, such as symptoms of whiplash or concussion. However, the initial incident report may only state they said they felt fine and declined medical care, which could make it more difficult in any future legal claims.


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Document The Scene Of The Crash

Once medical care has been established, law enforcement can also have an important role. They can take photos, examine the scene of the accident, collect contact information or even statements from any witnesses, and other reliable information.
In some cases, they may not be able to preserve the exact site if debris is blocking the roadway. It’s also a good idea for you to take your own photos if you can. This will also make a record of your observations and the current situation at the scene of the collision.

What Not To Do

Something to avoid is saying anything to anyone about fault at this time, especially anyone who was involved or their insurance company. There will be time for this later when proper legal counsel is involved.

Contact An Experienced Fort Valley Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A final step should be to talk to an experienced Fort Valley motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Doing this will give you adequate information about your situation and also connect you with someone willing to assist in helping you recover compensation.  Our Georgia personal injury lawyer can provide a no-cost case review with you and discuss your legal options. Call us now at (678) 603-1119 to discuss your options.




Most Common Injuries That Haunt Motorcyclists After A Crash

All automotive accidents may cause injuries like whiplash or broken bones. But motorcycle accidents can be especially severe and life-altering since there’s less protection. A motorcycle accident can change the quality of someone’s life, and may even require short-term or long-term medical support.

Receiving maximum compensation by using the services of a Fort Valley motorcycle accident lawyer can help clients greatly with ongoing expenses such as physical therapy, hospital bills, medication, and more.


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Common injuries that can be experienced in a motorcycle crash can include traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or spinal cord damage. Full or partial paralysis is also possible.

Fractures, amputations, or other trauma from colliding with the pavement or other vehicles are also common injuries.
Along with the physical damage from a motorcycle collision that might require extensive treatment and rehabilitation, people who have been in motorcycle accidents may deal with emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental challenges. Grief and all the attached emotions and mental trauma are also possible if fatalities are involved.

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How To Find The Best Fort Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve never needed the services of a lawyer for criminal or civil help, it can feel a little intimidating. But attorneys are there to be an advocate for you. They’ve been trained and have experience in all sorts of legal matters and are familiar with the local court system. Where motorcycle accidents are concerned, a top-rated personal injury lawyer who specializes in helping injured motorcyclists is the right person to help you understand the process, learn about you and your situation, and work to make sure you receive the compensation you are owed.

If you’re worried about costs, most personal injury attorneys don’t require any payment until they are successful in reaching a resolution and payment is issued. In many cases, you won’t even have to go to court or appear in front of a judge, which can be a frightening experience for many.

When searching for the best Fort Valley motorcycle accident lawyer, learn about their experience working with people who have been in these situations and are familiar with Georgia laws. It’s also a good opportunity to honestly discuss the situation, even if you think you might be at fault to some degree. Experienced attorneys are able to make sure you have peace of mind by providing compassionate counsel. They also should focus well on communication with you, the insurance company, and other attorneys.

fort valley motorcycle accident lawyer

By remaining up-to-date on the progress of your case, you can be certain that your lawyer is taking every step necessary to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.  If you are experiencing physical or emotional pain as a result of a motorcycle crash, call (678) 603-1119 to contact The Graham Firm today to schedule your no-cost consultation.

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