Griffin is a family-oriented city that caters to the needs of everyone in the family. As such, the city has various kid-friendly places that are filled with fun activities for your kids. Visit this link for more information.

Some of these places include. 

Bear Creek Nature Center

The Bear Creek Nature Center offers programs for field trips and outreach programs that come to your organization. They can come to schools, homeschool groups, scout groups, community organizations and more. The center also hosts events and birthdays. At the nature center, you can hike and search for wildlife. Read about Griffin, GA, is a Festive Town here.

You can also find many species of plant life in the forests, creek and foothills. The center hosts several special events, programs and self-guided tours. Some of the trails at the center are open to hiking, pets and horseback riding. The paved parking and sidewalk and all indoor spaces are wheelchair accessible.

Griffin Skate Inn

The Griffin Skate Inn is your number choice for family fun in Griffin. The location offers a family atmosphere where you and your kids can roller skate or shoot a game of pool. You can also watch the newest music videos on a big screen projector. The Skate Inn also shows movies, meaning you can plan a movie date with your kids as well. 

By attending the event, you can stay updated on the upcoming events in the area. There is a full-service snack bar with plenty of hot eats such as pizza and cheeseburgers. You can also enjoy the fountain drinks, slushes and snow cones offered at the Skate Inn. Moreover, throughout the Skate Inn, you can find self-serve vending machines with drinks, assorted candies and chips. 

There is also a stuff shop that has something for everyone, including toys, skate accessories, novelty items and more. Griffin Skate Inn has three private party rooms, which are perfect for birthday parties and more. 

Walking Dead Tours 

These tours allow you to see the real locations of The Walking Dead. The tours are for small groups, and they have guides. You will explore the parts of Senoia that actually appeared on the show. You will also hear stories about the show and get to know the real place behind the film locations. 

The walking tour covers 1/3 mile. While going on the tour, you can dress up like your favorite character in the cosplay tours. All guests are also allowed to weapon up with their favorite replica weaponry before they enter the locations. This allows them to recreate their favorite scenes for unique memories. 

Jump N Play

This is one of the most affordable family entertainment centers in Griffin. The location contains the largest inflatable parks in the state, where kids of all ages can have fun. At the location, you can find a 250-foot-long zip line that flies patrons around. Every Sunday from 9 to 11 a.m., the park opens up for kids aged five and below to play with their parents. 

Parents who are not playing with their kids are provided with wine and beer. Further, Jump N Play offers affordable rates to ensure that everyone and their kids can have a great time.