Different Museums in Marietta, GA

History teaches us some of the past events that led to current situations that we are exposed to. The documentation of the happenings gives you a clear understanding of how everything came about and the issues that led to them, making you see the world perfectly. The documentation and recordings are primarily stored in museums, with immense amounts of information collected from several places. Marietta, GA, is a historically rich place with several different museums, housing important information on the city's growth and more. Some of the museums include: Visit this link for more information.

Gone With the Wind Museum 

Gone With the Wind Museum is a neat and exciting museum established in an old historic home. One needs to be keen while visiting the Museum since it has only one sign, and it is easy to get lost. The Museum is affordable at $7 per person on a self-guided tour. Gone With the Wind Museum has four rooms and a beautiful garden area at the back where you are allowed to see, and you should visit the garden after you are done viewing the house; it is stunning. The Museum is very convenient, with free parking next door at Hilton, and the house's historical significance makes it a place to visit while in Marietta, GA. Read about Marietta, GA, Has an Active NightLife here.

Marietta Museum of History

Marietta Museum of History is amongst Marietta’s unique treasures and is located within the Historic Kennesaw House constructed in 1845. The Museum is located a few steps from Marietta Square and has well-captured periods with all the displays perfectly arranged and marked. Marietta Museum of History is perfect for you if you enjoy vintage items and a little quirkiness. The arrangement and information in the Museum make it a perfect place for natives and tourists since there is a lot of reliable information within the Museum. You get to learn more about Marietta, GA, and the various things that happened, leading to the current situations. There are several restaurants within the area; hence you are assured of having a full belly as you take in the information within the Museum. The museum staff is friendly and kind, working tirelessly to ensure you enjoy your stay in the area. 

Marietta Fire Museum

Marietta Fire Museum is a small one with about five trucks and cars and is quite affordable since it is free. Once you get to the Museum, your parking must be validated by a firefighter who guides you throughout the place. The old trucks found in the Museum are very intriguing, and the Museum is easily accessible with the GPS taking you straight to the place. The firefighters there are very friendly, allowing children to climb inside their trucks to have a better experience within the Museum. Additionally, everyone within the facility is friendly, and they have various amenities like restrooms to ease yourself while at the Museum. The general experience is worthwhile, making it advisable to visit the Museum and have a good time.