Different Family-Friendly Parks in Marietta, GA

Parks offer several features and amenities that make it a perfect place to spend time with your family away from home. The parks have everything for everyone there, whether children or adults; there is something to keep you active within the park. The different features and activities make the park the go-to place, and you have an excellent outdoor experience with your friends and family. Marietta, GA, has several parks with incredible amenities, giving you a wide selection. Every park offers something unique; hence you get guided on where to go to get the specific services offered. The various parks in Marietta, GA, include the following: Further facts about Marietta, GA can be found here.

East Cobb Park 

East Cobb Park is a beautiful park for dogs and children with two playgrounds; one is physically accessible. The park has properly marked trails to walk on, several pavilions, and a small stream. Additionally, the park has properly maintained amenities such as very clean restrooms assuring you of not catching any bacteria or sickness while using the facilities. Also, the park has picnic tables, performance stages, flowers, lots of parking, creeks, woods, and grills to keep you and your family busy at all times in the park. Information about Marietta, GA, in A Historical Rich Place can be found here.

Chattahoochee Natural Parks & Trial

Chattahoochee Natural Parks & Trial is a federal park with an expansive walk of about three to four miles. The park is gorgeous in a fantastic walk through full of trees, a river, and bridges to pass various places. Also, there are several spots where you can enjoy the view of the entire Hooch with a posted sign indicating a $5 parking fee. The park is pet and children-friendly, having enough room for everyone, including adults. Chattahoochee Natural Parks & Trial has shadier areas with a few benches and paths that lead off from the main trail. There is a lot to explore, and most trails pass through huge trees. Additionally, the park has several picture spots to take a beautiful snap of yourself to remember the wonderful time you had at the park enjoying a relaxing day in nature. 

McFarlane Nature Park

McFarlane Nature Park is a privately owned park managed by volunteers from The Cobb Land Trust Inc. The Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County designed and maintained the various gardens, having three open pastures and a transitional woodland. The perfect times to visit the park are during the Fall and Spring, with several native flora. McFarlane Nature Park has several small nature gardens with labeled plants along the walkways, making it a perfect place to visit as a flora enthusiast. Some of the activities you could engage in at the park include frisbee, football, and catching the flag, which further spice up the entire experience. Also, the park has an old farmhouse, picnic tables, and hiking trails, all of which make you comfortable and have a great time within the park. 

Skip Wells Park

Skip Wells Park has several amenities, including four softball fields, batting cages, a concessions building with restrooms, and tennis courts. Also, there are picnic tables with a grill, a kid's playground, and a pavilion with picnic tables.