Top Attraction Sites in Marietta, GA

Tourist attraction sites are some things that push people to visit a particular area to see the fantastic things that happen there. Some of these places are on your bucket list of things you desire to do with friends and family. Marietta, GA, has several attraction sites that interest people to visit the place and share good times with friends and colleagues. The attraction sites are some things you should always see while in Marietta, GA. The top attraction includes the following: Learn more here.

Marietta Square

Marietta Square is a small green space park undergoing urban development and renewal boom, and it is found in the area of old Marietta. The square has band shells, statue fountains, and numerous green spaces with benches where you can sit down and chat with friends and family. Also, several convenience stores and eateries keep you well-fed as you walk around the square. Several restaurants make it a family-friendly place where you can take your children to spend quality time with them. Also, pet lovers can visit with their pets and enjoy the inviting atmosphere. Learn more about Marietta, GA, Is an Engaging Place.

Sope Creek Trail

Sope Creek Trail is a neat park part of Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) federal parks and is used chiefly for biking and hiking. The park has fabulous ruins making it a fantastic place for exploring and photoshoots with good markings and enough parking space. However, bikers need to be aware of the several break-ins within the parking lot to ride safely without any difficulties. The park has many trees and water bodies, and the markers have been done well, making it worthwhile to stop by. Also, Sope Creek Trail is a family-friendly park where kids can play around the creek. 

Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre

Movies and plays lovers aren't left out in Marietta, GA, which has several theatres, including Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre. The staff at the theatre are customer friendly, helping you be comfortable while enjoying the show without anything inconveniencing you. Additionally, the concessions stand is fully packed, enabling you to get whatever you want during the show. The experience is very professional, with numerous plays being shown in live performances. The theatre is ideally situated with several dining places within the area, making it a perfect spot to hang out with loved ones. The theatre has motion picture movies, showing old movies that enable you to reminisce past experiences with many options, such as jazz music being played on one floor and a solo musician playing on another. 

Marietta Museum of History

Marietta Museum of History is located in Kennesaw House, a few steps from Marietta Square, and was built in 1845. The museum makes a perfect option for visitors to walk by after a local lunch and shopping; with great staff members to guide you all the time, you can have a good time without any trouble within the museum. The museum prices are very affordable, and the experience is enjoyable.