What To Do After A Truck Accident In Georgia: 7 Critical Steps

notify your insurance company after truck accident

Understanding Your Rights After Being Involved In A Truck Wreck When that big rig blindsides you on a Georgia highway, the overwhelming aftermath can make it tough to think straight. But knowing what to do after a truck accident could mean the difference between getting railroaded by insurance companies or securing every last penny you…

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Anatomy of a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Georgia – 7 Things You Need to Know!

truck accident lawsuit in georgia

Truck Accidents and Georgia Roads: A Deadly Combination When it comes to truck accidents, the stakes are high – both literally and figuratively. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), there were over 155,00 injury crashes involving large trucks in 2021 alone. These accidents resulted in over 5,700 fatalities and countless injuries. And unfortunately, the…

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Top 10 Tips For Finding The Right Truck Accident Injury Lawyer Near You

truck accident injury lawyer

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel After a trucking accident in Georgia, a truck accident injury lawyer can help accident victims recover compensation for medical, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. However, obtaining fair compensation may not be an easy process. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help you to obtain justice and the money you deserve.…

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How To Hold Trucking Companies Responsible For Damages In A Truck Accident

trucking companies

Each year roughly 5,000 people are killed, and more than 150,000 are injured in trucking accidents in the United States. Truck accidents frequently cause severe injuries and fatalities – and trucking companies may be on the hook for significant damages. Because tractor-trailer trucks and similar commercial vehicles are much larger and heavier than the small…

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How To Win A Semi Truck Accident Lawsuit: 8 Keys To Success


Being involved in a semi truck accident can turn your world upside down. Serious injuries can have far-reaching effects on you and your family members. The obstacles you face may feel insurmountable. The decision to pursue a semi truck accident lawsuit is an important step in being compensated for your injuries and medical bills. Navigating…

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How To File Truck Crash Claim! 5 Facts Every Driver Should Know!

semi truck accident statistics

Truck crash cases can be difficult – and many very successful personal injury attorneys do not want to take on difficult cases due to the complexity and risk involved. At The Graham Firm, we are not afraid to take on large truck accident cases, whether the defendant is a local operator or one of the…

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18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers In Georgia

what do you do if you get hit by an 18 wheeler

After a collision involving a commercial truck, an 18 wheeler accident lawyer at The Graham Firm can help you protect your legal rights and recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your medical expenses, future medical care, lost earnings, loss of future earning potential, and pain and suffering.  If you or someone close…

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Most Common Truck Accident Injuries 

common truck accident injuries

Collisions involving large commercial vehicles frequently lead to common truck accident injuries like spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and neck and back injuries. Along with physical pain and emotional suffering, truck accident injuries often end up causing severe financial hardship due to medical bills, being unable to work, or requiring family members…

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