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How to Find a Car Accident Attorney in Fort Valley, GA

If you've been injured in an auto accident, it's important that you work with the right Fort Valley car accident lawyer. Your attorney will be your advocate and will be facing down insurance companies and navigating the Georgia court system for you.

An attorney with an established track record in handling car accident cases, who also has local expertise and experience working with the Fort Valley court system will be crucially important.

fort valley car accident lawyer

Research an attorney's track record and client testimonials to see whether they'll be a good fit for handling your case. The Graham Firm, led by Charles Graham, has recovered more than $75 million in damages for our clients over the past two decades. Our goal is to provide personalized service to every client and to recover the maximum amount of damages that they are entitled to.

Our compassionate and dedicated team is ready to get to work for you! To see whether you think we'll be a good fit, we recommend that you schedule a free consultation with us so we can discuss your case. Call our Fort Valley law office at (678) 603-1119 today for a free and confidential case review.

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Auto Accident Aftermath: A Blueprint For Your Next Steps

There are some important steps to take in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. One of the first things you should do is contact the police. They will conduct an investigation and file a police report, which will be a vital piece of evidence in your car accident case.

Many people don't realize that apologizing to others after an auto accident can damage their personal injury case. It's human nature to want to apologize--but don't! If you say you are sorry to the other motorist, to the police, or even to your own insurance company agent, it can be used as an admission of fault against you.

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We also recommend that you do not provide a recorded statement to anyone until after talking with an experienced Fort Valley car accident attorney.

Have a doctor examine you after a car crash, even if you don't feel seriously injured. It can sometimes take days before symptoms of whiplash or another injury can set in. Your medical records can be another crucial piece of evidence for your case.

File an insurance claim and consult with a qualified Georgia personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the incident. Your accident injury attorney will guide you through the complexities of the legal process and represent you every step of the way. A personal injury case is often negotiated and results in a settlement before going to trial. Your attorney's duty is to try to obtain the maximum settlement you are entitled to under Georgia law.

Let our law firm's compassionate team be your rock during this difficult time. Call us at (678) 603-1119 as soon as you can after an accident to get the process started in filing a claim.



Types of Compensation and Damages Available

You may be entitled to economic, non-economic, and punitive damages if you're injured by a negligent driver in Fort Valley, Georgia. The damages can include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages include those that cost you money directly out of your pocket. This can include medical bills for treatment, ongoing care, physical therapy, and medical equipment. It can also include lost wages from work and the cost of repairing your vehicle or other property that was damaged.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages can include things like pain and suffering or emotional distress after an accident. It can also include loss of enjoyment of life due to your injuries, loss of consortium with a spouse, or other injuries.

fort valley car accident attorney

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages will sometimes be awarded in cases where the other motorist demonstrates extreme negligence or intentional misconduct. We represented the families of two young men in a wrongful death case who were killed by a Barnesville police officer who was traveling more than 100 mph in an unauthorized high-speed chase. The case resulted in a $1 million settlement before going to trial.

To find out how much you could be entitled to following an accident, schedule an appointment with the our personal injury lawyer in Fort Valley at (678) 603-1119 for a free consultation.


Speak with a seasoned personal injury attorney to discuss your case today.  We have 2 personal injury law offices: Marietta, GA, and Griffin, GA and we represent clients all over the state of Georgia. Click the button below to schedule a free case review.

Act Before Time Runs Out! Statute Of Limitations On Car Accidents In Georgia

The clock starts ticking in Georgia on the day that your accident takes place. A motor vehicle accident, wrongful death, and personal injuries are civil matters before the Georgia courts. You have a two-year time limit from the date of the accident to file a claim. This is known as the statute of limitations. If you wait beyond that date, you will never again be able to file a claim for your injuries or losses.

This deadline is why you should contact a Fort Valley personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. The sooner an attorney can go to work securing evidence and building your case, the less likely you are to have any crucial deadlines pass. Even if it's been a few months since your accident, you should still seek legal help. Your attorney will protect your rights and fight for a fair settlement in your case. The more time your attorney has to do that, the better the outcome is likely to be.

Ready to start your claim? Reach out to The Graham Firm now. Schedule your free consultation with our Fort Valley car accident attorney today by calling  (678) 603-1119.

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