Griffin offers endless fun opportunities for you to explore. You can either visit some of these places by yourself or with your relatives and friends. Griffin, GA can be seen here. 

Here are the attractions you should consider visiting. 

Spalding County Casthouse

The Spalding County Casthouse is open from Monday to Saturday. The location is a historic building that has been restored and converted into a museum with a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs like shirts or hats. The location also offers tours of its collections of artifacts that are related to the local history. These artifacts include Civil War swords used by men from the area in the 1800s. Click here to read about Griffin, GA, is Chock-Full of Parks.

The Spalding County Casthouse has historic architecture from the mid-1800s. 

The Griffin Rock Club

The Griffin Rock Club is a local institution that has been around since the 50s. You can be educated about the history of the place, which is really cool. There is live music played at the location by local musicians. You can enjoy this live music as you drink beer with your friends. The hosts are friendly, and the food provided is delicious. If you’re looking for something different than what’s happening around town or want some peace from being outside during the wintertime, you should visit The Griffin Rock Club. 

The Wine & Design Studio

The Wine & Design Studio is a great place to visit as they offer everything from wine glasses to pottery, furniture painting, and canvas. This studio also offers classes in its art center where you can learn many things, including how to paint your own pieces. The staff at the business are friendly and helpful. They answer any questions about each product they work on. 

They even prepare unique dishes for guests. As a result, you should consider visiting the location with your friends and family. 

Lazy J Ranch Animal Park

You can take a private tour at the Lazy J Ranch Animal Park and enjoy a tranquil experience with one on one attention. People of all ages can take this interactive tour of the 65-acre wildlife ranch. You can see some extinct animals, which is an amazing way to spend the day with your kids. The animals at the park are friendly and can be touched by visitors. 

Kids can also feed the goats, sheep, and chickens and ride on their backs. You can also check the gift shop at the location that sells t-shirts and other items. There are also numerous activities for children, like pony rides and educational programs throughout the year.