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A personal injury can be devastating. A car or truck accident, slip, and fall, or catastrophic injury can affect you for the rest of your life. It may affect your ability to work, interact with your family, and even go about your daily life.

When you have been injured, you need a personal injury attorney in Stockbridge, GA who has the experience necessary to get you the best result from your legal case. At The Graham Firm, we can help you realistically evaluate your situation and determine what your next steps should be.

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Potential Money Damages Available in Personal Injury Cases

Many people overlook the possibility of a lawsuit because they do not realize just how extensive their losses or damages really are. You may think that you only have short-term back pain after a car accident, for example, but it can actually end up haunting you for the rest of your life.

By starting a personal injury lawsuit in that type of situation, you are not only working toward money damages, but you can also get the medical care you need to minimize the long-term effects of your accident. Connecting you with the right medical team for your needs is often an integral part of a personal injury case.

Other potential money damages available to you in a lawsuit include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future
  • Property damage
  • Alterations you need to make in your home or travel to accommodate your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Every case is different. Your situation may have more or fewer losses that you have to deal with after your accident.

You may be surprised just how far-reaching an injury or loss after an accident can be, but The Graham Firm car accident lawyers in Stockbridge, GA have extensive experience with similar cases. We can use that experience to help you determine losses that you did not even realize you were experiencing.

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Common Personal Injury Cases in Stockbridge, GA

The term “personal injury” includes every legal matter that affects you physically or emotionally. These are commonly the result of accidents, but they can consist of intentional acts, such as assault and battery, as well. Our Henry County lawyers often deal with personal injury cases that involve the following circumstances.


Car Accidents

Auto crashes are by far the most common type of case that our team addresses simply because they are so common in the Stockbridge, GA area. Injuries and damages in this type of accident can be very serious, and sometimes life-altering.

Big Truck Accidents

You have likely seen large trucks on the highways and interstates near Stockbridge. These large commercial vehicles are not only very dangerous, but they can cause very complex legal issues as well. Our Stockbridge, GA truck accident attorneys have the necessary experience to address these issues.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes are often very severe because there is very little protecting a rider from the road or other vehicles. These incidents often trigger legal cases because many times other cars are not on the lookout for motorcycles as they should be.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Although drunk drivers are prosecuted criminally in Stockbridge, starting a civil case allows the victim and their families to get money damages to address the often-significant losses after this type of accident. Our car accident lawyers in Stockbridge, GA can help with this process.

Slip and Fall Incidents

When you are harmed on another person’s property, you may have a premises liability claim. While most of these cases are related to falls, they can include other things like harm arising from poor maintenance or inadequate security.

Medical Malpractice

When a medical professional, such as a nurse, doctor, or surgeon, makes a mistake, that can trigger a medical malpractice case. You put a lot of trust in doctors, and sometimes that trust is violated or abused. In those situations, a personal injury attorney in Stockbridge, GA may be able to help.

Our team takes great pride in serving all of Henry County, GA, including Stockbridge and McDonough. If you need legal assistance after an accident, then you have come to the right team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.



C.R. – A young lady was broken down on the interstate when a distracted truck driver drifted off the interstate rear-ending our client. The client was ejected from her vehicle and suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and other injuries. After several years of litigation in federal court, the trucking company settled the lawsuit prior to trial.

​ $4,500,000.00

N. T. – Mother of three was killed in Griffin when her vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer owned and operated by a Pennsylvania transportation company. Following a lawsuit filed on behalf of her estate, a settlement was reached just before trial. 


E.S. – A truck driver was fatally injured when his unit struck another overturned tractor-trailer on a Mississippi interstate. Due to tort limits in the state of Miss., and limited insurance coverage, the case was settled after a failed mediation.


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