You Are Not in Good Hands With Allstate!

good hands with allstate

You are not in good hands with Allstate.  Allstate routinely assumes unreasonable positions in order to lowball injured victims and increase its own profit.  Allstate has a terrible reputation among attorneys, insurance adjusters, judges, mediators, and others who deal with the claims process with Allstate.  This article will discuss some of Allstate’s shady tactics.



In the last six months to a year, Allstate has a routine practice of not accepting 100% responsibility on behalf of its insureds.  Often, Allstate will argue that its insured is not 100% responsible for the accident and try to blame the innocent party for at least part of the accident.  On multiple occasions in our practice, we have clients that are struck by a car driven by an Allstate insured driver. The police are called and the accident is thoroughly investigated by a law enforcement officer. Allstate adjusters will often create an excuse as to why their insured is not 100% at fault without any legal justification.

For example, our client was driving up the roadway with no traffic control devices such as a stop sign or red light. The Allstate driver was at a stop sign and entered the intersection directly in our client’s lane of travel. Despite the at-fault driver receiving a ticket, and no finding of fault by the police officer, Allstate only accepted 80% liability. Allstate said that our client should have been more aware of the road conditions ahead of him.

Another ridiculous example happened when our client was driving in her lane of travel minding her own business. Suddenly, an Allstate driver changed lanes attempting to merge into our client’s lane. The Allstate adjuster had the nerve to say that our client failed to keep a proper lookout for the vehicles around her. Despite the police finding no fault on behalf of our client, Allstate only accepted 90% liability. The other driver clearly violated the law, but Allstate still refused to pay for 100% of our client’s damages.



Even when Allstate does accept 100% responsibility on behalf of its insured drivers, Allstate often refuses to pay all of the injured person’s medical bills.  Allstate adjusters routinely claim that the ER bill or urgent care bills were not “reasonable and customary” and only offer to pay a portion of the bill.  Allstate adjustors also routinely claim that the injured person received too much medical treatment and refuse to pay for all of the treatment.  Now, Allstate adjusters have been blessed with a level of medical expertise greater than the trained and licensed medical professionals that treat the injured.


you are not in good hands with allstate



Allstate agents are notorious for offering little to nothing for pain and suffering, disfigurement, or impairment.  Sometimes people who are injured in car accidents will receive months of physical therapy to try and relieve the pain they are suffering from a motor vehicle collision.  A person who takes time off of work several days a week for months obviously is in pain.  Nonetheless, Allstate routinely offers close to nothing for the aggravation, inconvenience, and pain the person experiences because of the negligence of its insured driver. In many cases lately, Allstate won’t even offer enough to pay the injured party’s medical bills.


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Maybe you think it does not matter if Allstate lowballs injured drivers because Allstate is your insurance company.  However, if you’re struck and injured by an uninsured driver, you sit in the same position as one of the clients we represent. Allstate will treat your accident injury the same as any other driver. They will attempt to lowball your compensation and pay you less than you deserve. Whether you’re an insured Allstate driver who caused an accident, or an Allstate insured that was injured by an uninsured driver, you will be forced into litigation by The Graham Firm because of Allstate’s unreasonable and bad faith business practices.

When Allstate accepts less than 100% liability and refuses to pay a fair settlement, The Graham Firm, in most cases, must file a lawsuit against the Allstate insured driver. That means you! The defendant insured by Allstate will have to go through the entire discovery process, including but not limited to, producing personal information, responding to questions called interrogatories, and taking time from work to sit for a deposition. This will happen even if you admit that you were at fault. But because Allstate lowballs injured people, The Graham Firm has no choice but to file a lawsuit to force Allstate to pay what our clients deserve.


You Are Not In Good Hands With Allstate

If the driver refuses to participate in the lawsuit, Allstate will refuse to defend you and you will likely lose your insurance coverage.  If the case does not settle because Allstate continues to be unreasonable, the defendant will have to appear in court and will likely lose more days of work.  Allstate will not reimburse its insured for lost wages appearing at a deposition and trial.

When considering what insurance to buy for your car or home, Allstate should be at the bottom of your list.  You are not in good hands with Allstate.