Like most towns, Griffin boasts several landmarks. These landmarks are aimed at educating both the locals and visitors about the history of the city. These landmarks are fun to visit. If you want to learn about the rich history of Griffin, you should visit the following places. Visit this link for more information.

Georgia International Horse Park

The Georgia International Horse Park is home to the National Horse Show and hosts other events. These events include wedding receptions, family reunions, sports competitions, and more. The venue has a racetrack, arena, and barns available for rent. There is also a museum that houses antique cars and a gift shop where you can find anything you want.  Read about Griffin, GA, is Chock-Full of Fun Activities here.


There are different tiny structures on display at the venue, including vintage campers, teardrops, school bus conversions, and more. There are multiple interesting talks and workshops for guests to attend. The venue is huge and spacious, and there are public restrooms available all over the place. 

Sweetwater Creek State Park

This is a great place to hike and fish. The park hosts numerous trails, including the Sweetwater Trail, that leads you through a forest of oak and cypress trees. If you’re interested in a little excitement, you can try the Atlanta loop, which is a 15-mile loop trail that takes through the city’s most impressive natural resources. The park also allows you to engage in outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, or camping. 

You’re also allowed to rent boats if you want to explore the waters. 

Historic Oakland Cemetery

Oakland Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Atlanta, located less than a mile from downtown Atlanta. There are over 70,000 people buried at the location. The cemetery was designed as a National Historic Landmark in 1973 because it tells multiple stories about Georgia at different times in history. The cemetery is an example of a Victorian garden cemetery with a sculpture garden, a botanical garden, and a thriving wildlife habitat.