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Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Macon vs Handling Your Own Claim!

A Macon car accident attorney can help you recover the money you deserve for your injuries following a car accident. Although Georgia law allows car accident victims to pursue an injury or wrongful death claim following a motor vehicle accident, the process of actually recovering what you deserve can be complex and contested.

As an accident victim, you can absolutely represent yourself in an auto accident lawsuit, Although automobile crash injury victims can often recover far more money for their injuries when a personal injury lawyer is representing them, than without a lawyer.


Experience matters. Having a car accident lawyer who understands the full scope of damages is essential. A knowledgeable car accident attorney who can maximize compensation and fight for the full extent of damages you deserve can have a significant impact on your future. When you hire The Graham Firm to represent you in your car accident case, you are hiring one of Georgia’s most successful personal injury law firms.

Want to talk to a top-rated Macon car accident lawyer about your case? Contact The Graham Firm today at (678) 603-1119. Our consultation is always free, with no obligation. If we represent you, our law firm is only paid if we recover money for you.

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Don't Get Taken Advantage of by Insurance Companies - Know Your Rights!

If you have ever watched even a little television, you’ve seen insurance ads. Insurance companies are business operations, with the goal of maximizing the number of policies they have. What insurance companies don’t tell you in those TV ads is the second part of their profitability plan - paying out as little as possible for claims.

Payment of car accident claims is a necessary part of running an insurance operation. However, how much insurance companies pay is not set by law - it is negotiable. And so, insurance companies use a variety of tactics to pay car accident victims as little as possible for their injuries. These include:

  • Presenting a caring, compassionate insurance adjuster who will extract as much information as possible from you, to possibly be used against you later.
  • Denying valid claims altogether, forcing victims to file a lawsuit for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 
  • Delaying responses to claims or payments
  • Disputing the extent of injuries and requiring medical examinations and specialist visits.

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At The Graham Firm, we’ve seen all of the insurance company's dirty tricks - which can range from frustrating to shocking. Our advice to accident victims is to not deal with insurance companies directly- and let your car accident attorney do all the communicating for you.

The car accident lawyers at The Graham Firm have a reputation with insurance companies, defense counsels, and local judges as aggressive, knowledgeable litigators. Our law firm is known to fight for what is fair, and we take pride in helping our clients get what they deserve. We have recovered more than $70 million for our clients. Don't let insurance companies undermine your rights; call our experienced Macon car accident lawyer today at (678) 603-1119, and let us handle the complexities so you can focus on your recovery.



The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents In Macon Georgia

Common causes of car accidents in Macon, Georgia include:

  • Distracted drivers / not paying attention
  • Speeding drivers (over the speed limit or too fast for traffic conditions)
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Reckless driving / aggressive driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

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No matter how a crash occurred, if you or a family member were injured or killed in a crash that was someone else’s fault, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. If another driver’s negligence caused an accident which led to your or a family member's injury or death, you may be entitled to compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death claim. 

Looking for the best car accident attorney in Macon, GA? The Graham Firm can help you understand if you have a personal injury claim for compensation. Our consultation is free, confidential, and without any obligation. In your consultation, we will explain all of your options and give you an experience-based opinion of the value of your injury or wrongful death case. You have nothing to lose by contacting our auto accident injury law office.  Call us today at (678) 603-1119 for a free review of your case.



C.R. – A young lady was broken down on the interstate when a distracted truck driver drifted off the interstate rear-ending our client. The client was ejected from her vehicle and suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and other injuries. After several years of litigation in federal court, the trucking company settled the lawsuit prior to trial.

​ $4,500,000.00

N. T. – Mother of three was killed in Griffin when her vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer owned and operated by a Pennsylvania transportation company. Following a lawsuit filed on behalf of her estate, a settlement was reached just before trial. 


E.S. – A truck driver was fatally injured when his unit struck another overturned tractor-trailer on a Mississippi interstate. Due to tort limits in the state of Miss., and limited insurance coverage, the case was settled after a failed mediation.


Navigating the Pain: Top Injuries Faced by Car Accident Victims

Georgia car accident injuries can be life-changing or catastrophic, both for the car accident victim and their family members and loved ones. Common injuries from car accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bone injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries

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If you have been injured, time is of the essence following a Georgia car accident. In every state, you have a limited window of time to bring a claim, called a statute of limitations. In Georgia, this is typically two years. However, it is important to document injuries/damage and preserve evidence - as soon as possible.

If you hire a Macon car wreck lawyer at The Graham Firm promptly following an accident, your car accident attorney can handle all of the necessary investigating, documenting, and advocating related to your car accident case. Don't wait — reach out to your dedicated car accident attorney in Macon, Georgia today at (678) 603-1119 and take the first step towards obtaining the justice and settlement you deserve.


Speak with a seasoned personal injury attorney to discuss your case today.  We have 2 personal injury law offices: Marietta, GA, and Griffin, GA and we represent clients all over the state of Georgia. Click the button below to schedule a free case review.

Don't Accept an Unfair Settlement - Let Our Macon Car Accident Attorney Fight For You

As previously mentioned, it is common for insurance companies to want to settle claims quickly - they know that people who have been involved in a car accident often need money and are more often than not, willing to accept low-value auto accident settlements. Insurance adjusters will often tell the accident victim that their settlement offers are the highest they will offer. However, this claim is not always true. Accident injury victims are always well advised to talk to an injury lawyer before accepting any settlement. They may be entitled to significantly more money than is being offered.

Accepting a quick settlement can be a huge mistake - as this can mean you are accepting far less money than you deserve. A skilled personal injury attorney can be the difference between a quick, low-dollar settlement, and maximum, full, and fair compensation. An experienced accident injury lawyer can fight for all of the damages you are entitled to. Our accident injury law firm handles truck accident cases,  motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and wrongful death claims.

If you’d like to speak with a Macon car accident attorney about your legal rights following a car crash, contact The Graham Firm today at (678) 603-1119. We look forward to discussing your potential case with you.

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